Holloware Part 3 - English Silver Plateaux
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    All Feinberg platueas are made of heavy copper with a commercial silver plate coating (15+ microns) and are designed for many years of use.  Shown here are three styles.  Each style generally comes in three sections (2 ends and a middle) but can be customized to your size specifications or by adding additional pieces to meet your requirements.  Our standard size for an individual section is 18.5" long by 18.5" wide, total size of 3 pieces together is 56" long.

    Plateau #2005 Acanthus (pictured above) reflects the style of the George III period.  It has a 2" gallery.  

    Plateau #2000A (pictured above) has a 1" gallery and does not have feet.

    Plateau #2000 (pictured above) has a different gallery than 2000A.  It also has feet, and a has a 1" gallery.

    Feinberg's fancy round plateau (pictured above) is available in 16" diameter (#2726) or a 12" version (#2724).  This mirrored plateau uses an antique leaf, floral and scroll design pattern in the William IV style
.  This is perfect as a centerpiece for any dining room, it is extremely versatile in where it can be put on display, and the items that will fit on top of it.

All of our pieces can be modified or customized to an extent.  Please call our office at 1-800-346-3438 or e-mail us at FeinbergEnglishSilver@gmail.com for more information regarding any of these products.